Reduced registration fees, almost half off of the professional conference rate, will be offered again at the Idaho’s Heritage Conference, September 20-22, 2017 in Boise.

Students studying archaeology, anthropology, history, architecture and English are especially encouraged to attend, as professionals in local and state governments and executives from a variety of nonprofits will be at the event. The conference will engage statewide partners in preservation, history, museums, and archaeology in a cross-disciplinary conference that allows for collaboration, inspiration and networking.

Students will also be able to meet leaders in their fields, with topics including fundraising, 20th century museum exhibits, preservation and green building strategies, urban planning and revitalization, tribal cultural resources, and archaeology papers. There will be field trips in Boise and surrounding areas.

“This is a very affordable way for students to wade into the field,” said Idaho Heritage Trust Executive Director Katherine Kirk. “I can’t think of a better local opportunity to be engaged with local and state history, or of a better place to meet leaders in these fields.”